Erasing the carbon footprint of Public Transport

Emoss makes electric public transportation available with an electric bus without emission, noise or vibrations. As a result public transport becomes comfortable and environmental friendly. The EMOSS e-Bus is the next generation of electric buses for public and commercial transportation and is available in in a multitude of measurements.

Transportation in low populated areas or customized routes for small groups of people makes public transport complex. We think zero-emission transport should be available for everyone. That is why our drivelines have been designed with the passengers in mind. They are extremely silent, comfortable and wheel chair accessible.

Emoss provides electric city coaches with a capacity up to 16 people. Comfortable and spacious. Therefore the passenger experiences the luxury that can be expected from public transport. Due to the low flooring and easy entry the EMOSS electric bus is perfectly suitable for wheelchair users. An e-Bus thrives in passenger and driver comfort due to it’s lack of vibration and sound, compared to a conventional diesel powered bus.

elektrische bus/electric bus


EMOSS e-bus
  • Minibus

    • Base Vehicle: Fiat Ducato
    • Motor: 158 kW / 2.500 Nm
    • Range: Up to 200 kilometers
    • Charge time: 2 tot 3.5 hours
    • Passengers: Up to 16 seats
    • The electric minibus has a low floor, is wheelchair accessible, highly configurable and thrives in passenger and driver comfort.



The electric powered bus is extremely silent, especially at low speeds.


Zero emission - the full electric bus only leaves clean air behind.


Operating costs on an electric bus are lower than a conventional bus.