The electric minibus makes public transport just that bit better

A fully electric minibus with a low floor and seating for up to 16 passengers. Flexible through fast charging and low in maintenance and no emission what so ever.

Emoss electric mini-bus, erasing the carbon footprint of public transport.
The electric mini bus has a range of up to 200 kilometers on the efficient LiFe PO4 batteries. This environmental friendly passenger carrier is also incredibly economical to run with every kilometer costing significantly less compared with any equivalent diesel vehicle.

The Emoss minibus has a class leading step entry and flat flooring throughout the entire vehicle. The all-electric driveline has no effect on the interior which makes the electric mini-bus a versatile and accessible transport for all.
With flexible charging technology, minimal in-service maintenance requirements and unique driver interface technology, the Emoss electric mini-bus has innovation in its DNA.

Available with rear doors or a solid back, fixed or removable seats plus a myriad of flexible options such as destination equipment, access ramps and heating options. The Emoss electric minibus is fully configurable to suit the needs of local authorities, stage carriage operators, community transport groups and Dial-A-Ride organisations.


MB 4 electric minibus

    • Passenger total: 7
    • Max. Seated: 4
    • Max. Wheelchairs: 3
    • Max. Standing: 0

MB 14 electric minibus
  • EMOSS MB14

    • Passenger total: 15
    • Max. Seated: 14
    • Max. Wheelchairs: 1
    • Max. Standing: 0

  • EMOSS MB15

    • Passenger total: 15
    • Max. Seated: 15
    • Max. Wheelchairs: 0
    • Max. Standing: 0

MB 16 electric minibus
  • EMOSS MB16

    • Passenger total: 16
    • Max. Seated: 16
    • Max. Wheelchairs: 0
    • Max. Standing: 0



At EMOSS we value safety. That’s why we have chosen for the safest battery technology for the electric bus, based on LiFePo4 chemistry cells.

  • Battery technology
    • Chemistry of cells: LiFePo4
    • Capacity: 42 to 84 kWh
    • Voltage: 400 ~ 750 V
    • Current: 100 ~ 180 A

EMOSS Electric Truck Technology

The driveline of our electric bus delivers an uncompromising performance and driving comfort, combined with an unmatched efficiency.

  • Driveline technology
    • Technique: Permanent magnet
    • Motor power: 100 or 190 kW
    • Torque: 220 to 850 Nm
    • Direct drive or custom 1-2 speed gearbox
    • Efficiency up to 97%

EMOSS Driveline technology

Our on board chargers give you maximum flexibility in when and where to charge.

  • Charge technology
    • Charge power: 22 or 44 kW
    • Charge current: 32 or 64 A
    • Charge socket: IEC 62196 Type 2
    • Charge cable: 5 to 20 meters
    • Charge time dependent on battery package


Our battery packs can power any auxiliary device that a conventional truck could use.

  • Auxiliary technology
    • Air conditioning: full or stand-alone
    • Heating: Defrost or full cabin
    • Hydraulics: Steering and others
    • Vacuum: Brakes

EMOSS Driveline technology

Aside from the normal functions of the conventional dashboard, we provide an extra screen with information on battery pack and electric drivetrain.

We have also developed a fleet management system for fleet owners. This tool contains live and historic data on the vehicles use, like average consumption, battery health and much more. This data can then be used to plan better routes, or reward drivers for efficient driving.


EMS MB16 / 42 kWh0%

EMS MB16 / 72 kWh0%

EMS MB16 / 84 kWh0%



The electric minibus is extremely silent, especially at low speeds.


Zero emission during operation is what you get with a full electric bus.


Operating costs on an electric minibus are lower than a conventional bus.