Electric vehicles for every purpose

Strict pollutant emissions, noise regulations and delivery time slots are today’s transporters major competitors, but are no match for the EMOSS electric vehicles.

Emoss designs, develops, produces and tests innovative electric drivelines. With our modular system, we are able to convert any vehicle to electric drive: from delivery vans, to full electric trucks and range extended electric semi trucks.

Elektrische voertuigen/electric vehicles


Elektrische bestelwagen
  • Delivery van

    • Delivering your goods in a silent, environmental friendly way.
    • EMOSS designs and produces several types of delivery vans.

elektrische vrachtwagen / electric truck EMS
  • Distribution truck

    • Inner city distribution evolved with the full electric truck. Silent, efficient and clean.
    • Emoss can provide the electric distribution truck for your needs.

range extender
  • Semi truck

    • Imagine no range limit. Charge while driving with Emoss EVER!
    • Emoss offers a wide range of electric trucks with a range extender.


Zero-emission transport, reducing our carbon footprint and working towards a sustainable future in mobility.

An extensive calculation of your total cost of ownership can be included in our offers. Variables like purchase price, energy consumption and maintenance are included in this calculation.

*Following example is part of a TCO calculation for a logistics company.

Vehicle: 18 T GVW
EMOSS driveline: EMS 1820
Depreciation period: 8 years
Distance per day: 200 km
Estimated power consumption (Electric): 160 kWh/day
Estimated fuel consumption (Diesel): 70 l/day

*No rights can be derived from this example