The electric delivery van revolutionizes the way you deliver your goods

Use the electric delivery van to transport your goods in a silent, environmental friendly way. Reducing the impact of your activities for the better of your customers and the world.

Emoss provides electric delivery vans up to 5 tons GVW. From letters to packages. From groceries to food & beverages. Delivery in a environmental friendly way.

EMOSS elektrische bestelwagen / electric delivery van


  • EMS 508

    • Battery: 84 kWh
    • Range: 175 km
    • Motor power: 135 kW
    • Torque: 850 Nm
    • Charging time: 4 hours



At EMOSS we value safety. That’s why we have chosen for the safest battery technology for heavy duty, based on LiFePo4 chemistry cells.

  • Battery technology
    • Chemistry of cells: LiFePo4
    • Capacity: 42 to 84 kWh
    • Voltage: 400 ~ 750 V
    • Current: 100 ~ 180 A

EMOSS Electric Truck Technology

Our driveline delivers an uncompromising performance and driving comfort, combined with an unmatched efficiency.

  • Driveline technology
    • Technique: Permanent magnet
    • Motor power: 100 or 190 kW
    • Torque: 220 to 850 Nm (direct drive)
    • Efficiency up to 97%

EMOSS Driveline technology

Our on board chargers give you maximum flexibility in when and where to charge.

  • Charge technology
    • Charge power: 22 or 44 kW
    • Charge current: 32 or 64 A
    • Charge socket: IEC 62196 Type 2
    • Charge cable: 5 to 20 meters
    • Charge time dependent on battery package


Our battery packs can power any auxiliary device that a conventional truck could use.

  • Auxiliary technology
    • Air conditioning: full or stand-alone
    • Heating: Defrost or full cabin
    • Hydraulics: Steering and others
    • Vacuum: Brakes
    • Goods cooling: Frigoblock certified

EMOSS Driveline technology

Aside from the normal functions of the conventional dashboard, we provide an extra screen with information on battery pack and electric drivetrain.

We have also developed a fleet management system for fleet owners. This tool contains live and historic data on the vehicles use, like average consumption, battery health and much more. This data can then be used to plan better routes, or reward drivers for efficient driving.


EMS 3040%

EMS 3070%

EMS 5080%



Less noise, especially at low speeds.


Zero emission during operation.


Lower operating costs.