Almost a winner: CM Mission

Almost a winner: CM Mission

Prior to the biennial Busworld exhibition there is always the European Coach Week, better known as ECW, during which coaches and buses are assessed on the basis of certain characteristics such as safety, comfort, environment-friendliness, etc. by a jury of experts. Any exhibitor can enter his or her vehicles for this event, including constructors of prototypes. Time and again a number of surprising vehicles can be spotted during ECW. Last year for example, a minibus with fuel cell drive participated.

This time the most striking vehicle was the Composite Mobility CM Mission 150E. At first sight the vehicle looks like an ordinary minibus, but nothing is further from the truth if you look a bit closer. The CM Mission has no chassis and features a robust bodywork which –according to the developers – can easily do service for about 25 years. Furthermore, it is constructed from very fire-resistant material. The construction has already proven its worth in many vehicles, such as airport fire tenders.

Due to the lack of a steel chassis the bus has a very low floor spread over its full length. A second important aspect is the fact that this bus is equipped with an electric drive system. A Fiat Ducato hub integrated in the front of the bodywork is used. The diesel engine has been replaced by an electric drive, which was developed by EMOSS. For the lithium-ion type accumulators EMOSS developed a special formula that practically rules out the risk of a fire due to a short circuit. Per battery charge the bus has a radius of action of 150 kilometers.

Another crucial feature is that the Composite Mobility CM Mission 150E is very light, even if you count in the weight of the batteries. In case of a gross vehicle weight of 5,000 kg the bus can still  accommodate 22 seated passengers and the driver. The CM Mission participated in the ECW as candidate for the Innovation Award, but did not win – although it was very close. One comfort to hold on to,albeit scant, is that the jury decided not to administer the prize at all this year, so technically the CM Mission did not lose.

As published in Busworld Daily Newspaper, monday 21 october