Eight e-Trucks complete Hytruck project

EMOSS is in the final stages of the 0-emission city distribution project, which is being carried out in collaboration with Hytruck. As part of the “Proving grounds hybrid and electrical vehicles”, supported by government organisation Agentschap NL (Agency Netherlands), EMOSS realised the production of eight 100% electric trucks.

These eight EMOSS e-Trucks have been delivered between October 2013 and July 2014, whereby the flexibility that EMOSS offers its customers has provided to be a big success. All trucks are in fact unique, including the four that are based on a 12-tonne (~26.500 lbs) DAF LF45 chassis with batterypacks of 120, 160 and 200 kWh. In addition, the 16-tonne (~35.000 lbs) DAF LF55 chassis forms the basis for two other e-Trucks which possess a 160 and a 200 kWh batterypack. On top of that, two 19-tonne (~42.000 lbs) DAF LF55′ were converted to electric drive and these vehicles are offered respectively 160 and 200 kWh battery packs. These last two vehicles are the largest electric trucks of their kind in Europe.

Telektrische-vrachtwagen_deudekomhe vehicles are being used in various fields of work. Deudekom, Boudesteijn and Aad de Wit will provide emission-free relocations with their newly build moving trucks, while 2Switch is carying out used goods collections. Van der Heijden Transport manages distribution for HEINEKEN® in the inner city of Rotterdam and Peter Appel Transport supplies on behalf of Sligro wholesale foods. The final conveyors with an e-Truck within the project are De Rooy and 020 Stadsdistributie. A multitude of these vehicles are also provided with electrically powered Carrier cooling systems.

EMOSS wishes all customers pleasure and success with the use of their brand new 100% electric trucks.