elektrische vrachtwagen / electric truck

EMOSS delivers first e-truck in Finland

For the first time an EMOSS built 100% electric truck will be deployed in Finland. Niinivirta, an originally Italian based transport company, will take their EMOSS CM1616 in operation as of June 29. The vehicle will be operated in the area of Tampere, roughly 175 km north of Helsinki. The EMOSS CM1616 thus becomes the first electric truck in it’s class on the Northern Scandinavian peninsula.

The EMOSS CM1616 is equipped with the most recent techniques. The battery pack has a capacity of 160 kWh, which the 44 kW chargers can fully recharge in just over 3.5 hours. The powertrain delivers unparalleled performance, with a maximum power output of 250 kW and an immediately available torque of up to 2700 Nm. The 16-tonne chassis, based on the DAF LF55, comes with a composite body and will operate with 7 tons net payload.

The circumstances in which the vehicle will be deployed are challenging for an all electric vehicle. Therefore an insulated battery box has been developed in cooperation with Plastisol / Composite Mobility. Furthermore the car will serve as a platform for research to the University of Tampere, the aim of which is to determine the influences of extreme meteorological conditions on the usability of the vehicle.