Electric waste collection for New Zealand

Waste Management NZ Limited, a waste collection company with one of the largest fleets in New Zealand, has announced to be moving towards electric trucks from EMOSS.

The first truck, a 100% electric truck with box body will appear on Auckland streets later this year. In the second phase, two side-loader waste collection trucks –used for curb-side bin collections – will be trialled in Auckland and Christchurch starting early 2017. Waste Management has the intention to convert a larger part of their fleet to electric drive when the first tests are completed.

Tom Nickels, Managing Director of Waste Management, speaks in the accompanying press release: “We’re really excited to be leading the way for electric vehicles in the waste collection sector for New-Zealand. Sustainability is what we do and in EMOSS we found a company which can support our goals in this matter. I am pleased at our progress to date and am looking forward to our first collections with electric trucks just months away.”