Successful conclusion to e-trucks project

The pilot of full electric trucks as part of the project ‘Experimental Hybrid and electric drive” has been successfully completed. All eight 100% electric trucks that participated in this project proved to be capable of full daily operations for over a year now. The vehicles were put to work in different fields of work, like urban distribution, moving companies, clothing collection, beverage and fresh foods delivery.

Viable alternative for urban distribution

The project with electric trucks was carried out on the initiative of eight carriers. They decided in 2012 to jointly demonstrate that an electric truck is a real alternative for activities in the field of urban distribution. With the support of the Netherlands Enterprice Agency they bought eight vehicles which were built by EMOSS in Oosterhout and put on the road under the name of Hytruck. The delivery of the last electric vehicle within his pilot took place in July 2014. Thus, all vehicles are now over 1 to 1.5 years in service and meanwhile lots of useful data has been collected and experiences exchanged.

Customer specific solutions

The all-electric trucks are custom-designed. Aside the various total weights (up to 10 tons of payload), the electric trucks have ranges from 150 to 200 kilometres (100-125 miles) depending on the chosen battery pack configuration. The conveyors have, without exception, described their first experiences with zero-emission distribution very positive. Both in terms of payload and range, the vehicles fit well into the existing distributional work. The electric trucks additionally surpass all of the current policies to keep polluting transport out of city centers.

Prepared for the future

While this fledgling development occasionally requires extra attention and understanding, as each innovative project has its teething problems, the drivers are surprised about the silence and overall comfort of the vehicles. The end users of the vehicles are therefore unanimous in their opinion that they are on the right track for the upcoming years to keep their business future-proof. As the interim evaluation read: “Participants anticipate future stricter legislation regarding urban transport, which will make electric distribution a logical choice in due time. The experiences from the pilot vehicles, charging points and pre-defined routes will help shape the future”.