World premier for EMOSS and Lidl

May 22nd of this year marked the date of another EMOSS world premier: a 19-tonne electric truck that can pull a 10-tonne trailer. Supermarket chain Lidl committed itself to the pilot project and invested in the all-electric truck that will supply the Lidl stores in Amsterdam from the distribution centre.

The truck is equipped with the most modern techniques. The battery pack has a capacity of 200 kWh, where the 44 kW chargers offer a full recharge in up to 5 hours. The powertrain delivers unparalleled performance, with a maximum power output of 250 kW and an immediately available torque of up to 2700 Nm.
It is the first truck of this size that will drive on the public roads in the Netherlands, while both driving and cooling are 100% electric. Where a conventional truck would emit around 90 kilos of CO2 emissions per 100 kilometres, this truck emits nothing but clean air.

Lidl recently became the biggest supermarket chain in Europe and wants to contribute to a liveable city. It wants to do so by supplying its branches in a clean, quiet and safe way. With this pilot project in Amsterdam, the supermarket chain sets an important step for it’s future logistics. “This pilot is a great investment and is in our opinion a first step. We are examining different ways to make our logistics sustainable on a larger scale. Our ambition is to supply all our stores in Amsterdam completely emission-free by the year 2025,” said Laurent-Jan van den Ham, Manager Transport Logistics Lidl the Netherlands.

The ceremonial launch took place on Friday, May 22, in Amsterdam. Councillor of durability, Abdeluheb Choho, welcomed this addition for the city of Amsterdam. The vehicle will be operated by Van Straalen – De Vries in Zwaagdijk. They will deliver the goods from the distribution center in Zwaag to the stores in the city center of Amsterdam.