Waste Management NZ Limited, one of the largest refuse collection companies in New Zealand, will be replacing its fleet by electrically driven Emoss lorries to further underline its commitment to sustainability.

Box truck and side loaders

The first truck, a fully electric box lorry will be commissioned in Auckland later this year. The second and third trucks, both side loaders that process the refuse bins from the kerb, will be commissioned in Auckland and Christchurch in 2017. The company intends to convert a larger part of its fleet to electric vehicles once the tests have been completed.

Electric waste collection

In the accompanying press release Tom Nickels, Managing Director of Waste Management, says: “We are proud to be the first party in New Zealand to switch to electric waste collection. [...] Sustainability is ingrained in our DNA and in Emoss we have found a partner who can help us achieve it. We are very happy with the progression we've made and are looking forward to making the first electric collections in just a few months' time."



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