In May 2017, CWS officially commissioned its first fully electric lorry for distribution in and around the city of Groningen. This was motivated by a European invitation to tender for which CWS had to guarantee zero-emission supply to its 85 locations. Emoss offered the solution: a fully electric 12-ton lorry.

Action radius

Based in Drachten, CWS supplies and distributes sanitary and hygiene products. The distance to the Groningen city centre is around 40 kilometres. "But there's more to it than just driving to the city and back, because we also supply dozens of addresses in and around the city centre every day," says Harry van der Meer, regional manager at CWS. “Emoss came up with a solution in the form of a 12-ton distribution truck based on a DAF LF. Depending on how it is used, this box truck has an action radius between 180 and 200 kilometres. Which is more than enough for our purposes."


The Emoss EMS1220 has enormous impact in terms of sustainability and corporate responsibility. With distances adding up to some 700 kilometres a week, more than 5800 litres of diesel are saved every year. This is the equivalent of roughly 16,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions. The contract with the city of Groningen was entered into on 1 February 2017 for a maximum term of 8 years. The Groningen municipal authorities has every faith in CWS, says Albert de Roos, Procurement Advisor for Groningen.


Since February 1, CWS was already electrically on the road. While work was under way on its own vehicle, CWS used a temporary solution from Emoss. Emoss' Mart Noordam: "We build these vehicles in Oosterhout based on, in this case, a DAF truck. This 12-ton vehicle is fitted with a six-phase electric motor and a 120 kWh battery pack. It is important to note that we are currently the only company that offers a certified battery pack for lorries. Our Emoss lorries have been included in the national software for the fire brigade to prevent problems in emergencies. We're proud to say that our Emoss electric lorries are 100 per cent safe."

A contract for service, repairs and maintenance has been concluded with BSF in Leeuwarden. They are an official Emoss partner in the Northern Netherlands.



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