Since June 2017, carrier BREYTNER and wholesale company Technische Unie transport their goods in Rotterdam in three new, fully electric trucks. In this project, the two frontrunners in sustainable logistics are supported by the Rotterdam municipal authorities and the European FREVUE project.

Urban goods traffic

Like many other cities, Rotterdam is struggling with problems associated with urban goods traffic: NOx emissions, particulate matter and noise pollution. These problems are bound to get worse due to the increase in online purchases. To tackle these problems, the authorities and the business community are working on smart, sustainable solutions in the Rotterdam programme Logistiek 010. Pex Langenberg, council member for Mobility, Sustainability and Culture: “In Logistiek 010, an increasing number of partners is working on multiple projects to improve the air quality as well as the accessibility of Rotterdam city centre. The new electric lorries that BREYTNER and Technische Unie are using, are good examples of this cooperation.”


BREYTNER Zero Emission Transport extended its fleet of electric vehicles this month with two 19-ton Emoss trucks. This has doubled its number of EVs. They allow the Waalhaven-based carrier to extend its emission-free services in Rotterdam from fashion and furniture to, among others, facility services and construction. It has also become possible to move house in an electrical vehicle. To this end, BREYTNER will be working with Mondial Movers R. Vlot, Synergy Health and Condor Transport.

Technische Unie

The Technische Unie has been using Emoss electric lorries for inner city transport since June 2017. The wholesaler's in electrical and mechanical materials supplies the entire city with this vehicle from its base in Strijen. This is a second pilot project for Technische Unie to gain experience with electric mobility, in anticipation of a future with zero-emission transport in inner cities.


The use of new electric lorries in Rotterdam is part of a project under the European FREVUE programme (Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe), in which Rotterdam and FIER Automotive from Helmond are partners. As part of the project, the trucks will be closely monitored over the next three year. The analysis of these data will be the basis for the next steps and scaling up to larger numbers. FREVUE supports the project with money and knowledge. Langenberg: “Rotterdam currently backs companies that buy electric vehicles under the FREVUE subsidy scheme. This scheme seeks to promote the use of zero-emission electric trucks.”

Serious business

According to Jos Streng, project leader at FREVUE, developments in Rotterdam demonstrate that zero-emission urban logistics is no longer a theoretical concept, but has become serious business. “An increasing number of companies and carriers appreciate that fully electric company vehicles meet their mobility needs. But the range of these vehicles is still limited and prices are high." To solve this issue, the Rotterdam municipal authorities have drawn up a Declaration of Intent to encourage truck manufacturers to market more electric trucks more quickly. FREVUE partners have adopted this declaration of intent, and its importance is also recognised on a European level. These project results encourage the Rotterdam municipal authorities to continue on the course taken. Streng: "With a view to the future, the FREVUE approach will have to be scaled up. That is crucial to make the city a better and healthier place to live."


FREVUE seeks to demonstrate to companies, consumers and policy-makers how electric freight vehicles can offer a solution for many of the problems affecting European cities at the moment. Smarter, cleaner logistics will make our cities healthier and better places to live. Moreover, companies will be able to work more efficiently and will be more productive.

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